An expert for your special, complex or distinctive projects

Perhaps you want to respectfully expand or renovate a home with historical value? You want to pay special attention to certain aspects of its conception or even ad unusual or customized elements. This type of mission requires skill, know-how and creativity, qualities Guy Pilon has developed firmly over the years. You can trust the project will be cleverly and thoroughly thought out, and that the work will be impeccable and long-lasting.

Our specialty: large-scale projects

Guy Pilon specializes in large-scale, complex, and unconventional projects. Tell him the ideas you have for your home or building and let him do the rest—getting to know your building, making the most of what it has to offer and bringing out the best of it is his passion.

All types of home expansions

This experienced contractor also has the expertise and knowledge necessary for bringing large-scale projects to life such as high-end patios (large surface areas, double decker, etc.), roof restructuring, foundation and outdoor surface refurbishing. Adding onto your home has never been easier.

Ever dreamed of an underground tunnel to get into your garage? Or insulating your foundations without giving up your beautiful, historical stone walls?
Les Constructions Guy Pilon can execute this like no other.